Adequate Child Spacing

How often should a woman give birth? This is one question that is paramount in the hearts of many people- married or single.

What is child spacing?

Child spacing is called inter-pregnancy interval.

This refers to how soon after a prior pregnancy a woman becomes pregnant or gives birth again.

There are many health risks associated with pregnancies placed closely together.

The standard interval is eighteen (18) months but World Health Organization recommends a minimum of twenty-four(24) months.

A longer interval is required if the pregnancy ended in caesarean section to avoid uterine rupture.

Short inter-pregnancy interval is associated with an increase in maternal mortality, still birth and child mortality. Also, it leads to uterine rupture and most often death of the mother and the baby.

Factors Hindering Child spacing

  • Lack of self-discipline among the couple
  • Contraceptive failure
  • Attempt to complete the family before the onset of menopause
  • Ignorance of the danger associated with short inter-pregnancy interval
  • Pressure from relatives

How to achieve Child Spacing

  • Self-discipline by couples
  • Family planning

Natural family planning methods

       Breast feeding and extended breast feeding due to lactational amenorrhea

       Calendar method

       Billings method

       NaPro technology method etc.

Artificial family planning method

  • Use of contraceptives which have no health benefit

Advantages of Good Child Spacing

  • The mother recovers fully before the next pregnancy
  • The child is healthy and mature enough before the next baby comes
  • Decrease in maternal and child mortality
  • Reduces money spent in hospitals and medications
  • Rest of mind for the man of the house
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