How is GDM diagnosed?

Doctors use blood tests to diagnose GDM. These include fasting blood glucose (before breakfast) and Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). For the OGTT, you will drink a solution of glucose and have your blood glucose level checked every 30 minutes for two hours.

How will GDM affect my baby?

Untreated or uncontrolled GDM can cause problems for your baby, such as

  • Being born with a larger than normal sized body(macrosomia)-which can make delivery difficult and more dangerous for your baby
  • Having low blood glucose, also called hypoglycemia, right after birth
  • Having breathing problems, a condition called respiratory distress syndrome
  • Having a higher chance of dying before or soon after birth
  • Having a higher chance of your baby being born with jaundice
  • Your baby will be more likely to become overweight and develop type 2 diabetes as s/he grows up

How will GDM affect me?

GDM may increase your chances of

  • Having high blood pressure and too much protein in the urine(preeclampsia)
  • Having a caesarean section to deliver your baby because your baby may be large
  • Developing diabetes after pregnancy

After giving birth

Your diabetes will probably go away after your baby is born. However, even if your diabetes goes away after the birth of your baby, you

  • May have GDM if you get pregnant again
  • Will be more likely to have type 2 diabetes later in your life

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