Good Antenatal Care And Delivery

Antenatal care (ANC) is the care you receive from healthcare professionals during your pregnancy. It is also called pre-natal care. It is a type of preventive healthcare for pregnant women where regular checkups are conducted to prevent problems that are associated with childbirth. The goal of antenatal care is to make sure you and your unborn baby are well throughout your pregnancy. Antenatal care prepares you for delivery and helps you understand danger signs during pregnancy and childbirth. It is a continuing care until delivery. It can start from between 8-10 weeks of the onset of pregnancy.

Where to Get Antenatal Care

Government-owned hospitals

Government-approved hospitals

Government-approved maternity homes

Persons to Conduct Antenatal Care Services


General health practitioners

Consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists

Activities During Antenatal Care Session

Blood check for blood pressure, Hepatitis B, Blood group, temperature, oxygen, weight etc.

Urine check for sugar and protein

Health talk

Physical examination of the expectant mothers

Ultrasound evaluation of the baby

Administration of tetanus oxide etc.

Delivery of Baby

Must be done by a trained midwife or doctor

Should not be conducted outside the hospital

Should not be conducted by traditional birth attendants (TBAs)

Are you pregnant? Please seek antenatal care from a government-approved healthcare facility.

Shammah Christian Hospital

Shammah Christian Hospital

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