NaPro Technology is an innovative technology which is an approach to fertility that adheres to the guidelines provided by a woman’s natural cycles. The Creighton Model of fertility care is the foundation for this approach. It monitors the bio-markers which showcase hormonal changes in a woman’s cycle.

NaPro Technology has a very high success rate when used to achieve pregnancy. NaPro is a fertility-care based approach. Many women who achieve pregnancy through this method find it to be less stressful, more inclusive and a better option overall in catering to the needs of their entire person- mind, body and soul.

The Science behind NaPro has been developing since the Creighton Model was first discovered, over 30 years ago. A woman’s body has specific tendencies and symptoms at each stage of her cycle. These tendencies and symptoms are monitored by following the Creighton Model. With it, it is often easy to detect and diagnose an underlying problem by noticing a variance in the patterns of these symptoms. Women are taught to understand that ovulation is the main event in a cycle rather than menstruation. In addition, there are several other steps to take to help a woman determine the cause of her infertility.

If you are struggling with infertility or know someone who is, NaPro Technology may be the solution. You may just find the answers you are looking for.

Shammah Christian Hospital

Shammah Christian Hospital

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  1. Chinyere Lovina Okafor

    I need help. I am having infertility problems. I have gone for fibroid operation, adhesiolysis and laparoscopy and nothing has happened. I am 44 years

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      due to network down time. Kindly visit our hospital located at 11xy Road 5, Federal Housing estate Woji, opposite Woji Estate Police Station, Port Harcourt. Our medical practitioners (Specialist) will render you quality care pertaining to your complaint.

      Many thanks

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