• NaPro technology identifies and treats abnormalities to normalize fertility so that couples can achieve pregnancy the natural way
  • Success rates for NaPro technology in infertility through charting with the Creighton Model Fertility Care System is 20-40% with no medical intervention
  • Success rates for NaPro technology in infertility is up to 80% with charting and medical or surgical restorative treatment
  • Prematurity rates with NaPro technology is less than 4%
  • Multiple birth rates with NaPro technology are remarkably low-only 3.2%
  • Cost of treatment with NaPro technology is very low compared to IVF treatments
  • Couples take an active part in their treatment
  • Once fertility is restored, couples can more easily achieve future pregnancies
Shammah Christian Hospital

Shammah Christian Hospital

In keeping with the hospital Christian ideology of giving back, Shammah Christian Hospital is committed to continually educating the public, using this blog as to medium to bring timely and educative publications, that enrich the lives and health of the public at large.

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